E7 The Advantages to Digital Learning with Jen Tynan

Episode Description
Just about everyone has had involvement in some form of digital learning in the past year, however, many seem to question it’s effectiveness due to the lack of preparedness in the school districts. There’s good news though! Jen Tynan with Advantages Digital Learning Solutions is here on the show this week to chat with us about how ADLS is working to improve the digital learning experience for both students and parents. Tune in to hear more about what ADLS offers and so much more in this episode with Jen.

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Who Jen is and what she does
  • The effects of COVID on enrollment
  • The current parent involvement in online learning
  • Breaking down the available tools to help students bridge the gap
  • The importance of scheduling and giving your kids/students structure
  • How to monitor your students progress with Advantages DLS
  • The credit recovery options that Advantages DLS offers to students
  • The two diploma tracks that they offer

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