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K-12 Online Education

Pros and Cons of K-12 Online Education vs. Traditional School

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online schools have been gaining in popularity. Even though most brick-and-mortar schools resumed classes several years ago, the shift in education …

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Arizona ESA Program

The Arizona ESA Program – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Over the past several years, more parents have questioned whether public schools are the best option for their children. As a result, more significant opportunities …

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Iowa ESA Program

Iowa ESA Program: The Most Comprehensive in the Country

Late last month, the state of Iowa introduced education legislation that can radically improve school choice options. The Iowa education savings account program (Iowa ESA …

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What Is College Readiness

What is College Readiness and How to Prepare Your Student

College readiness is a vital aspect of higher education. Yet, despite this, over half of first-year college students report feeling unprepared for college even though …

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Online high school for adults

Accredited Online High School for Adults – What to Look For

While the rate of adults completing high school and receiving a high school diploma has risen in recent decades, many adult students aren’t finishing before …

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Advantages Digital Learning Solutions and Language Tree Online Partner to Deliver Standards-Based English Language Development Solutions to Secondary International English Learners

Partnership brings standards-aligned English language development digital curriculum to Advantages Accredited K-12 Schools and their partners everywhere.     Reno, NV – December 12, 2022 – Advantages …

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Strategic Plan for Online Learning

7 Tips for Developing a Strategic Plan for Online Learning

Online learning has exploded in popularity as students and parents try to identify better ways to meet their learning needs. But starting online learning can …

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benefits of online collaboration tools

Benefits of Online Collaboration Tools in Education

Online collaboration tools are becoming more popular in nearly all settings, including education. There are many benefits of online collaboration tools, which is why you …

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dual credit program

Explore Dual Credit Program from ADVANTAGES.

ADVANTAGES School International (ASI) offers a Dual Credit Program that gives current high school students the opportunity to take college classes while earning their high school diploma. …

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Evaluating Student Information Systems

Evaluating Student Information Systems: 7 Must Know Tips

Evaluating student information systems (SIS) can be a huge challenge. First, it is a massive expense that hundreds or thousands of individuals will use every …

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step steam program


Personalized Learning ADVANTAGES School International (ASI) provides an engaging STEP / STEAM Program experience that keeps the individual student at the center of his or her …

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Dual Diploma Program

US Dual Diploma Program

The ADVANTAGES School International (ASI) US Dual Diploma program allows students to work toward a US high school diploma in conjunction with their regular studies. To complete …

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