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Just-In-Time Intervention and Support

To help students amplify their success in school, being able to connect any learning gaps is essential. ADVANTAGES offers the opportunity to strengthen this for all middle to high school students. Personalizing the experience in real time can create a powerful tool that the student can customize right at their own progress.

Specifically breaking down the content that the student focuses on the information that they have yet to master and not wasting time on the material that they already know can reinforce this four part model for each student.

The four part model is designed to dive into each course material by Learn It, Try It, Review It and Test It. This creates a curriculum that the students can break each course into smaller chunks of information and find great success in mastering those concepts that they had previously struggled in.

Schools/teachers can also use this feature to help students increase their understanding in depth and bridge the gaps of learning in any given core subject.

SAT Breakdown:

SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing and Language

ACT Breakdown:

ACT English, ACT Mathematics, ACT Reading

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