ADVANTAGES Graduation Requirements

Two Graduation Tracks To Meet The Needs of Our Students

ADVANTAGES has two graduation tracks. High school students planning to attend a post-secondary institution must complete our College Preparatory requirements. Our General Education track is for students looking for a high school diploma without anticipating college.

College Preparatory Track

Our College Preparatory track is for students needing a rigorous study program in preparation for post-secondary education. ASI follows the University of California system for course requirements for graduation. These are subject to change. Our registrar’s office maintains the most current requirements to ensure our students are ready for their post-high school endeavors.

College Preparatory Diploma Requirements

COLLEGE PREPARATORY Total: 20 Credits   

English — 4 Credits

Math — 4 Credits

Sciences — Credits

Social Sciences — Credits

Physical Education / Health — Credits

Visual and Performing Arts — Credit

World Languages —Credits 

Elective — Credit

General Studies Track

Our General Studies track is for students not planning on attending a four-year university directly after high school graduation. With the general studies diploma, students can attend a community college or trade school, join the military, or go straight into the workforce. In addition, the requirements for our general studies diploma are significantly less than the college prep diploma.

General Studies Diploma Requirements

GENERAL STUDIES Total: 13 Credits 

English — Credits 

Math — Credits 

Sciences — Credits 

Social Sciences — Credits 

Physical Education / Health — Credits 

Visual and Performing Arts — Credit

Why Choose ASI?

Fully accredited

ADVANTAGES School International is fully accredited and 100% online.

Student Centric

Students work in a self-paced environment and at an academic level that is best suited for them.

Flexible Programming

Students can start and complete coursework at any time of the year.


ASI is a complete program that is much more affordable than other providers.


Students can access coursework anytime, anywhere. Internet connection is all that is required.

Dynamic Curriculum

Multiple modalities for learning, interactive curriculum.

World Class Support

Whether you are a student or a school partnership, you have a dedicated “live” team to ensure you get everything you need.

Academic Coaching Available

Our Academic Coaching Program offers an involved and holistic approach to academic support. The Academic Coaching Program provides daily structure through consistent monitoring, scheduling and engagement.

Tutoring Center

Our expert tutors work with elementary, middle school, and high school students, all who have different learning styles and needs. Our tutoring program can accommodate any K-12 student.

Start Your Educational Journey

Our world-class virtual academic program is available to students everywhere. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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