ASSIST Platform —
A turnkey solution for virtual teaching and learning.

The ASSIST Online Education Management System offers academic institutions with an integrated platform to connect teaching and learning through a single dynamic solution for student information (SIS), instructional content (CMS), and learning management (LMS).  ASSIST allows school leaders to save time and money by providing a unified system that has historically been disconnected and nearly impossible to analyze.


ASSIST Education Management System saves administrators and teachers valuable time by providing a single point of entry for all necessary administrative and teaching tools. In addition, it provides parents with access to their student’s academic information and gives students the opportunity to take control of their own education with easy-to-find access to grades, content, academic resources, and more. Learn more about user features and capabilities. Gif Maker 1 1

ASSIST Mobile App

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions has released a teacher and student mobile version of their flagship product, ASSIST.  Just like the ASSIST Platform on the web, ASSIST Mobile allows teachers and access their online classes, communicate with the students, parents, staff, monitor progress, and upload resources to students — anytime, anywhere.
The ASSIST app is designed to be easy to use, but powerful enough to cover all aspects of the teacher’s journey. Best of all, students expand their learning and access their courses all from the palm of their hand.

Fully Integrated System

A complete, easy-to-use, online course delivery system

Web and Mobile Delivery

Highly secure mobile and web-based system offers flexibility

Single Sign-On Capability

Scalable implementation with single sign-on access


Complete Course Catalog

Course management and delivery for teachers, students and administrators

Calendar & Planning

Quick access to integrated calendar for course planning and instructional support

Reports/Progress Monitor

Robust reports and dashboard for immediate progress review

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ASSIST Learning Experience Platform

The ASSIST platform was created by educators, specifically for virtual teachers and administrators. ASSIST provides access, management services and technical support for all stakeholders. The platform has administrator, teacher, student and parent portals. The ASSIST user credential system is a hierarchal user interface, which allows for additional security and accessibility for each user, further personalizing the user experience. 

Everything with the ASSIST Education Management System is customizable to meet the needs of its partners. From the application, to the departments, curriculum, courses, and learning plans; everything is customized to address the implementation and support for each partner. Education partners design their school, their way. ASSIST has a team of consultants and industry experts to guide each implementation to ensure success.

A Complete Online Solution

The ASSIST Education Management System brings together all elements a district or school systems utilizes to support teaching and learning:

Assist EcosystemStudent Management – streamlines the admissions process, streamlines scheduling to track school wide activities and dates, simplifies and centralizes payments and accounting and provides hassle free and automatic official records and transcripts. A parent portal gives parents access to essential information about their children, a secure communication system organizes all messages in a single location, and all the essential tools for school accreditation support are right there. Administrators can assign staff privileges depending on roles with systematic user levels, take advantage of a flexible and functional district level option, and serve a diverse community with user language preference and translation.

Curriculum Management – provides seamless curriculum hosting and single sign on and curriculum integration capabilities. Course, section and grade book management is included. Administrative reporting features can compile information from all student data. Established integrated content is included. Everything is accessible anytime from any device. A highly secure single environment is ensured.

Learning Management – delivers and streamlines many functions: Individualized learning plans, course completion certificates, resource sharing and collaboration, self-paced study, record keeping, clear graduation road maps, enrollment management, and comprehensive grade-level content.

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ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is an AdvanceED Accredited Program – now Cognia. Also approved as an NCAA, NCA, CASI, NWAC, SACS, CASI, and A-G course provider.

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