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We partner with schools, districts, best-in-class instructional content, student management resources, and more.

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Educational Partner

We partner with schools, districts, and other independent organizations needing to add or supplement their existing academic programming or who may want to add a digital environment to an existing program.

We also welcome the opportunity to partner and strategically collaborate with education systems, content providers, and international and domestic organizations or distributors that seek to advance personalized learning for all students.

We are an open platform provider not linked to any singular curriculum approach, provider, or model.

Over the years, we have evaluated and partnered with numerous leading content providers, including: Apex, Edmentum, Bright Thinker, Renaissance, Pointful Education, Scantron, and eDynamic Learning. In addition, leading education systems and content providers with modern offerings (LTI compliance, etc.) can seamlessly integrate into our ASSIST Platform.

ASSIST allows for complete differentiation and customization, enabling districts and educational institutions to curate and/or develop the best-of-breed learning content, assessment strategy, and available instructional tools.

Educational partners benefit from award-winning support and personalization for each student.

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Students and

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Online Courses

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It Makes Sense to Partner

Eliminating the Need for
Multiple Platforms & Services

We have built the most innovative educational delivery service for virtual schools, combining the power of an SIS, LMS, and CMS. The ASSIST Platform supports open content integration via the company’s hosted platform. This allows for seamless open content integration with 3rd party content providers, thus giving our clients a robust and flexible teaching and learning solution inside a single platform. ADVANTAGES has expanded its presence throughout the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia.

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school partnership

Therapeutic Treatment Centers

We have partnered with nationwide therapeutic treatment centers for over ten years. While the students receive top care at the therapeutic treatment centers, the education is delivered securely online with instruction by either ADVANTAGES online teachers or someone in-house at the treatment center.

Academies/Traveling Teams

Athletes demand a flexible schedule to work around the training times and games. At ASI, we can deliver a rigorous academic setting in which students do not have to compromise their course options. In addition, ASI is an NCAA-approved school and fully accredited.

school partnership
school partnership

International Schools

ADVANTAGES partners with schools and school suppliers worldwide to provide online content solutions that meet in-country needs and offer complete US educational programming. Our programs include US high school diploma solutions, International Dual Diploma, elementary and middle school grade level content, English Language Learning, a summer American College Experience, and much more!

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Our world-class virtual academic program is available to students everywhere. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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