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The ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is an open platform provider that is not linked to any singular curriculum approach, provider, or model. ADVANTAGES partners with best-in-class instructional content and student management resources to allow for the utilization and seamless integration of leading open education resources. 

ADVANTAGES has evaluated and partnered with numerous leading content providers, including: Apex, Edmentum, Calvert, Scantron and eDynamic Learning. In addition, leading education systems and content providers with modern offerings (LTI compliance, etc.) are able to seamlessly integrate into the ADVANTAGES – ASSIST Platform.  The ASSIST Platform allows for complete differentiation and customization to allow districts and education institutions to curate and/or develop the best of breed learning content, assessment strategy, and instructional tools available.

ADVANTAGES welcomes the opportunity to partner and strategically collaborate with content providers, international and domestic organizations or distributors that seek to advance personalized learning for all students.

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ADVANTAGES DLS has built the most innovative educational delivery service for virtual schools. ADVANTAGES combines the powers of an SIS, LMS and CMS, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and services. The ASSIST Platform supports open content integration via the company’s own hosted platform. This allows for seamless open content integration with 3rd party content providers, thus giving ADVANTAGES clients a robust and flexible teaching and learning solution inside a single platform. 

ADVANTAGES DLS leverages various communication and collaborative technologies to engage and connect with international business partners.

ADVANTAGES has expanded its presence throughout the United States, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

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