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SM Institute Selects Advantages Digital Learning Solutions to Provide Virtual Learning for the Future K-Pop Artist | ADVANTAGES DLS

Virtual Learning

SEOUL, KOREA – Nov 3, 2020 – SM Institute (SMI), the first official K-pop school, launched by the leading K-pop entertainment group, SM Entertainment (SME), has announced its partnership with ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions (ADLS). ADLS, a US-based provider of virtual learning for grades K-12, provides online content in the core subjects as well as specialized content that will be designed to develop the performance skills of the SMI students.

SME is partnering with Jongro Haneul Education to create SMI.  Jongro has worked with SME for four years, creating a standardized education and training program for  SME’s clients. Esteem, an SME affiliate, is also involved in the founding and management of SMI, and will provide expertise in modeling, entertainment and influence management, as well as fashion.

“The nurturing and development of pop culture artists requires extensive training, and as a result many budding artists give up on their education,” observed Choi Jin Young, SMI’s President.  “SMI will leverage the potential of online learning, through our partner Advantages Digital Learning Solutions, to ensure that our students don’t have to abandon their education to become global stars.  This unique approach will allow participants to pursue a wide range of potential pathways for their talents.”

“It is exciting that we can reach out to so many more students in the world by partnering with ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions.”Choi Jin Young   the CEO of SMI

SMI will begin accepting applications in late November 2020, with a plan to enroll up to 100 students in the inaugural class in March 2021.  The company is also preparing to develop an international branch of the business, responding to the tremendous “Korean Wave” of culture and music that has been impacting major markets across the world in the early stages of the 21st century.  A second location is slated to launch in Los Angeles in 2021, and other major Asian cities are also planned.  ‘It is exciting that we can reach out to so many more students in the world by partnering with ADLS,” said Choi Jin Young   the CEO of SMI. In addition, a version of SMI to support budding stars in the E Sport industry is also slated for launch in early 2021.

“The opportunity to serve these talented young people, in partnership with SMI, is an exciting new opportunity for ADVANTAGES,” said Pam Dion, CEO of ADLS.  “We have provided virtual learning in a wide range of environments, but this will be our first program connected to the music and entertainment industry at this scale.” 

In addition to the students in the SMI program, ADLS and SMI will offer program applicants and other students a fine arts catalog of online courses that will include subjects like dance, choreography, voice, music appreciation, modeling and Korean culture and history.  

“The fine arts catalog is an incredible new component for ADVANTAGES, because it will allow us to bring the “Korean Wave” to a much larger and more diverse audience, and new fine arts options to kids anywhere in the world.” Dion explained. 


ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions provides students from anywhere in the world with access to a high quality, personalized learning experience that is designed to prepare them for success in the 21st Century.  ADLS has developed a powerful learning platform that provides access to a range of the best online learning software that is available, from kindergarten through high school.  Advantages is an accredited school, granting diplomas and offering pathways to a wide range of US colleges and universities.  For more information, visit, or email

About SM Institute

SM Institute is a joint venture established by SM Entertainment, a leader in the global K-pop Korean Wave, and Jongro Haneul Education, a leader in the domestic academy industry. SMI provides an exceptional learning experience that supports personalized learning without time and space constraints by applying advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence. SM Institute also develops global standard educational content using various Korean Wave contents including K-pop, SMI leads the new wave of an educational system that can respond to the fast-changing world of 21st Century.

SM Entertainment, founded in 1995 by Head Producer Lee Soo Man, is the first company in the industry to introduce systematic casting, training, producing, and management systems.  Over its 25 years of existence, SME has been able to discover unique content by pinpointing demands for music and cultural trends. Today, the company represents many of the rising stars of Korea’s K Pop music genre.   SME entered the global marketplace, using globalization and localization strategies through culture technology and has become a leading entertainment company in Asia.  SME was the first company in the Korean entertainment industry to enter foreign markets, credited with helping to create the concept of  “Hallyu”, or the Korean Wave.

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