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Tutoring Aids in Student Success

School in 2020 has faced many new challenges including how we teach and learn in a remote environment! As students are adapting to online learning, they are having to adjust to a new way of processing and understanding information. Many students can benefit from having a tutor, an academic mentor, to help them pave their way to success in this evolving way to learning. Have you considered providing academic support or hiring a tutoring service? ADVANTAGES can help your elementary, middle or high schooler with just-in-time tutoring to help them on a path to success!

Bridging the Gap

Tutoring Services

Quality tutoring services can help to bridge the gap that students need to help decipher concepts; whether in elementary, middle or high school. Some of the great opportunities available to students now is that tutors are available on their time. By utilizing online platforms such as Zoom or Skype, students can set up a time that fits their schedule and feel confident that their tutor will help them on their timeline.  Adapting to COVID precautions, by setting up the tutoring virtually, helps to ease the concerns that have led us in adapting to social distancing.  The ease of finding a discipline specific tutor to engage the student in a one-on-one setting can make learning any material much faster and more fun. Most often, the student will establish a rapport with their tutor and this can help the student to build their confidence and work much more efficiently.

Content Area Specialists

Tutoring Services

Tutors are available in all the core subject areas: English, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Languages and also in SAT/ACT Test Prep. All of our subject certified professional tutors are able to assist students with their homework, classwork, projects, essays and prepping for their tests. The critical difference that sets tutors apart is the vested interest the tutors have in getting to know their students and the material that they are learning. The tutors will have access to state of the art curriculum to help any student understand how to better learn the concepts that they might be struggling with in their courses. Since the tutors are not the teachers and the tutors are not the parents, the student has another resource to confide in and get help from. The student realizes that the tutor is someone like themselves who is there to solely help him get through these concepts and be their academic cheerleader too. Tutors can provide a unique perspective and can engage with the student on a one-to-one basis. This allows the student to increase his confidence and studies show that the student is often more motivated to become more engaged in the courses.

Virtual Tutoring Services to Help Students Anywhere, Anytime

Tutoring Services

As students are expected to adapt to the virtual setting, tutoring sessions can assist with customized learning and through the tutoring sessions, they can receive personalized instruction to help the student achieve the mastery of the information presented in class.

Helping your student to start off on the right foot and remain confident throughout the school year, I highly recommend looking into the tutoring services. So many have already benefited from this great resource. Tutors are available in 30 minute or 1 hour segments. The cost of an academic tutor is $40/hour. Do not delay in getting your tutor scheduled and helping your student feel empowered in reaching mastery in their studies. Click here for more information https://advantages-dls.com/index.php/advantages-tutoring/.

Tutoring Services

Today’s blog post was written by Sandy Gamba, Chief Administrative Officer / Founder of Advantages DLS. For more information on navigating the college admissions process, connect with Sandy by clicking here.

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