Therapeutic Treatment Centers

Working Together to Achieve Success.

For over 10 years, ADVANTAGES has partnered successfully with therapeutic treatment centers across the nation. While the students receive top care at the therapeutic treatment centers, the education is delivered online in a secured fashion with instruction by either ADVANTAGES teachers online or by someone in house at the treatment center.

Students can do partial credit or complete full courses. Students can work on credit recovery or launch into new courses helping them to stay on track for graduation. ADVANTAGES School International (ASI) offers two different types of diplomas to better serve all students and help them achieve their goals; general studies diploma and the college prep diploma.

Being accredited, ASI will work with the therapeutic treatment center to award credit for courses delivered on site such as art therapy and yoga to count towards some of the credit hours required for their graduation.

To further bridge this success, ASI provides flexibility for the students and families once they leave the therapeutic treatment center by offering a tuition discount to transfer to ASI. This is designed to help the students complete all of their courses on a monthly basis that they started and/or provide a successful option for them to earn their high school diploma with ASI. All of the school work transfers seamlessly. There is no obligation to stay with ASI at any point. The options are available to both stay and graduate with ASI or complete their courses and then those courses will be added to an official transcript and sent to the school of their choice.

 The therapeutic treatment centers can customize and tailor ASI to fit their model. ASI provides unofficial transcripts at the demand of one click in the platform. It is dynamic and easy to use. For more questions, please contact us.

Online Education
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