Pam Dion

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Pam Dion is one of the original founders of ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions. Her teaching background includes both the traditional face-to-face classroom setting and online formats. Her grade level instruction spans from the primary grades into post-secondary and even master’s level teacher-credentialing programs. She has vast experience in the design, development, and management of a fully accredited online school, as well as in the development and management of Title 1 after-school care programs for public schools. Pam holds a Master of Education from University of LaVerne and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Technology. She is certified as a Reading and Language Arts specialist; she has multiple subject teaching credentials and also holds a CLAD certificate which emphasizes teaching in multicultural environments. At ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions, Pam’s chief responsibilities include the development and support of international relationships with qualified educational institutions, programs and resellers. She also works with her team in the development, management and large-scale logistics of implementation and planning. She works with all of ADVANTAGES’ third-party vendors in all areas of marketing, distribution sales, academic and curriculum integration, legal and technical aspects related to the growth of ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions and the individual components of the program.

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