Mariam Purcell

Vice President, Product & Implementation

Mariam has worked as a classroom teacher and a high school counselor in the traditional classroom setting, besides having worked for over 10 years within online teaching environments. She has a Master of Science in Educational Counseling and possesses a Pupil Public Service Credential, Single Subject Credentials K-12 for Physical Education and Health Science, a Supplementary Credential 7-12 for Social Science, as well as a Teaching Credential issued in 2001. Mariam lends her talents to the ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions team as department head and staff supervisor for many of the school partners. She has been instrumental in the development of ASSIST Platform features for district level, teacher and student support. Additionally, Mariam has taken a title position with the international department providing training and support to international clients. She is also the Lead Trainer for academic partnerships worldwide. She works closely with the development team in the continuous design and expansion of the ASSIST Platform supportive features.

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