Allison Dampier

President / Founder

Allison is one of the original founders of ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions, LLC. Her background spans across all levels of education and into online school development including the accreditation process and administration support of online and “brick and mortar” schools. Allison is one of the founders and original designers of the ASSIST Platform. She has a broad educational background and has more than a decade of teaching experience at the primary, secondary and university level. She also has experience in online curriculum development for the National University Teaching Department. Allison has a Master of Education from University of LaVerne and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication. She is certified as a Reading and Language Arts specialist; she has multiple subject teaching credentials and also holds a CLAD certificate which emphasizes teaching in multicultural environments. At ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions, her responsibilities include overseeing staff and company management. Allison coordinates and maintains all training programs for both domestic and international partnerships and manages the technical and legal subjects related to ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions.

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