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benefits of online collaboration tools

Benefits of Online Collaboration Tools in Education

Online collaboration tools are becoming more popular in nearly all settings, including education. There are many benefits of online collaboration tools, which is why you …

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Evaluating Student Information Systems

Evaluating Student Information Systems: 7 Must Know Tips

Evaluating student information systems (SIS) can be a huge challenge. First, it is a massive expense that hundreds or thousands of individuals will use every …

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at-risk students

How to Help At-Risk Students Succeed

Approximately 1.2 million students drop out of high school annually in the United States. That averages to 7,000 a day. At-risk students were formerly considered …

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motivate yourself in online classes

How to Motivate Yourself in Online Classes: 7 Tips to Know

As online classes become more available, many students are making the shift to complete their courses entirely online. Online classes are also an excellent option …

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how to engage learners

How to Engage Learners Virtually: Tips From Experts

Virtual learning has been an option for some students in recent years. However, the pandemic forced many public schools and higher education institutions to expand …

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private online middle school

Keys to Finding The Right Private Online Middle School | ADVANTAGES DLS

Selecting a great school is one of the best moves you can make to help your child succeed throughout their life. But as we learn …

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middle school math placement test

Middle School Math Placement Test: What to Expect | ADVANTAGES DLS

Middle school is a huge change for children. These students are between elementary and high school, which can be nerve-wracking for parents. The first step …

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flexible schedule

Options for Flexible Schedules for Schools | ADVANTAGES DLS

For many decades, the school day for most primary and secondary schools was from 8 AM to 3 PM. However, many school districts are currently …

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algebra 1 placement test

What is an Algebra 1 Placement Test? 8 Ways to Prepare

Throughout your child’s academic career, they will take several placement exams. These exams help to place your child in the appropriate math class. The placement …

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Accelerate. Innovate.

2022! We made it through the second year of the pandemic, and while we are not through the Covid era, we have definitely learned how …

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Creating a Clothesline Schedule

Why are student vacation days so stressful? I feel like I have to entertain my children half the time and stop them from staring at …

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Stop Bullying

Bullying—Speak Up

October was bullying prevention month. In the past decade around the world, we have experienced more bullying and acts of hate. In response to this, …

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