ASSIST Fully Accredited Online School—Advantages School International (ASI)

ADVANTAGES School International is a fully accredited K-12 and 100% online school. We offer a comprehensive program for each grade level, with teachers that are highly qualified, licensed experts in their fields. Students work in a self-paced environment and at an academic level that is best suited for them, including starting and completing coursework at any time of the year. ASI maintains two academic tracks for high school graduation. Our General Education track is for students simply looking to earn a high school diploma before entering the workforce or military. Our College Preparatory track is for students needing a more rigorous study program in preparation for post-secondary education.  ASI leverages the ASSIST Education Management platform and the ASSIST instructional programming and curriculum which includes multiple learning modalities and interactive activities. ASI offers an International Dual Diploma, CTE Certificate Programs, English Language Arts for English Language Learners, School Partnerships, NCAA Student Programs, and much more!

ADVANTAGES School International (PDF)