E13 How to Succeed and Stand Out as a Student Athlete with Coach Duane Broussard, NCAA Basketball Coach at Texas Christian University (TCU)

Episode Description
Today we are joined by TCU Assistant Basketball Coach, Duane Broussard. In this episode, we chat with Coach Duane about how to get noticed by recruiters (it’s not what you might think!), his thoughts and insight on player compensation, and SO much more! You do not want to miss this one! Tune in to hear more and see below for a full list of topics & resources covered.

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • His story of getting started coaching, his love for basketball, and how he ended up at TCU
  • How TCU and his department handles students success academically
  • Balancing sports and academics for student athletes
  • What recruiters really look for in athletes
  • Should student athletes use recruiting services?
  • How player image and likeness affected recruiting in regards to player compensation
  • The potential highs and lows of player compensation
  • Tips on how to get noticed by recruiters
  • Breaking down sports scholarships