E31 Students & Teachers Mental Health, Charter Schools, and Teacher Burnout, with Karen Villalobos

Episode Description

“Just because you’re growing doesn’t mean you’re living.” – Alex Judd In this episode, we welcome entrepreneur and athlete, Alex Judd to the show. We discuss his company, how his faith defines his life, what healthy growth looks like, how to connect the mundane to the meaningful, what real self-improvement is, and much more. See below for a complete list of topics covered in this episode and tune in to hear more!

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

Alex’s background and credentials
How he got a job as a podcast host with Dave Ramsey
His own company, Path for Growth, and how it started
What it means to “practice healthy growth”
Connecting the mundane to the meaningful
Keeping your expectations in check
Serving through strength
Alex asks Allison & Sandy how do teachers keep up such a heavy output as they pour into their students
The difference between self-improvement and “selfish improvement”
Ideas for how we can help develop leadership in our youth
How consistency compounds
Good manners and why they matter
Talking about what you are FOR, instead of what you are against
How to see the world accurately but also hopefully
How Alex fills himself up and where he finds his motivation

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