Addressing the Challenges of a Student’s Developing Brain, with Lisa Crosby M.D

Episode Description

In this episode, we welcome Lisa Crosby, M.Ed. to the show to discuss how we can better support our students as they navigate the challenges of a developing brain. We also chat about academic preparedness, helping your child’s self-esteem, and much more. See below for a complete list of topics covered in this episode and tune in to hear more from Lisa!
Key Topics Covered in This Episode:
  • Introducing Lisa and her background
  • Comparing statistics of academic preparedness in our education system
  • Giving hope to parents: Tips for helping your student as their brain develops
  • The problem with unresolved primal reflexes
  • How to help your child have higher self-esteem
  • Why bad behavior from a child is a cry for help
  • Moving reading to the language center of the brain and why it is important
  • Lisa’s Book