E20 The Holidays Reimagined; How to Help Your Kids (And Yourself!) During this Winter Break and Beyond

Episode Description

The holiday season is upon us! As your children are planning to spend a couple of weeks at home over the holidays, how can you keep them entertained and engaged without hours of video games and mindless Netflix binging?? Today we are joined by expert Carol Alvarez, who breaks down for us how we can help our kids have the most positive experiences during this break and beyond.

In this episode, we discuss managing the pressure put on parents during this time, how to give your child a well-balanced and structured day, keeping your kids learning new skills, and a practical idea to manage your children’s spare time using clothespins! See below for a full list of topics covered in this episode with Carol and tune in to hear more!

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Asking Carol what we can be looking for this holiday season and how to help our kids during this season
  • Managing the pressure of the kids always being home during the holidays
  • How to give your children the structure of a well-balanced day that gives them consistency and ownership over their own day
  • The benefits of virtual learning for kids during the holidays and practical resources for it including virtual field trips, cooking classes, and more!
  • Using scheduled online Zoom calls with your student’s friends
  • How to help your babysitters/nannies that are with your children
  • The importance of self-reflection and consistency

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