E6 Beating the Blah; Tips for Better Mental Health During the Pandemic with Ryan Federoff

Episode Description
Been feeling a bit “blah” over the past several months? You’re not alone! We’re joined on the podcast this week by Ryan Federoff from Newport Academy, a residential treatment center and personal hospitalization program for teens 12-19 focusing on mental health. In this episode, we chat with Ryan about mental health in students, parents, and educators as we dive into how to overcome the feelings of languish, spotting red flags in your teens, and so much more. See below for a full list of key topics covered in this episode with Ryan.

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Addressing how the pandemic and everything going on in the world has affected young people’s mental health
  • Ryan’s recommendations on how to help our students during these times
  • Dealing with the “languishing” feelings and a lack of motivation
  • How to set your kids up for success over summer break
  • What are the red flags to look for as parents and/or educators?
  • What to do if you notice red flags with your teen
  • The importance of setting boundaries and resetting your family
  • The harmful effects of social media on teenagers
  • Ryan’s big takeaway piece of advice for listeners


NYT Article on languishing (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/19/well/mind/covid-mental-health-languishing.html)

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