E5 Advice From a Therapist on Overcoming the Struggles of the Pandemic with Claudia Schwarz

Episode Description

This past year has been a tough one… The COVID-19 pandemic brought about its share of challenges that has left us feeling lost on how to overcome them. Thankfully, family & marriage therapist, Claudia Schwarz, joins us on this week’s episode of the Learning Reimagined Podcast to share with us some advice for both parents and their students on how to break through these challenges that the past year has brought. Tune in to hear more!

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Constructional steps we can take to guide students and families in the midst of the pandemic
  • Managing the fear of another lockdown in the U.S. especially for upcoming seniors
  • Discussing the long-term effects of COVID on students
  • The areas where parents should be stepping in and how to help get kids out of isolation
  • How to break kids from social media addiction
  • Managing behavior difficulties at home
  • Words of advice to seniors, upcoming seniors, and parents of seniors
  • How to help students get their drive back
  • The importance of checking-in on your kids
  • Anxiety and depression in today’s kids


Time Article: The Lost Year

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