E4 The Benefits of Micro-Schooling with David Benoit

Episode Description

So, what is micro-schooling anyways? David Benoit joins us on this week’s episode of the Learning Reimagined Podcast to break it down for us and share his thoughts as we chat about what micro-schooling is, the benefits of it, and why he thinks it’s good for students to move at their own pace. Tune in to hear more!

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Defining what micro-schools are and how/why they were formed
  • Comparing micro-schooling to traditional education and the benefits found there
  • Dave’s thoughts on the future trends of micro-schooling and where it will go from here
  • The top benefits on the micro-schooling environment
  • Technology’s role in micro-schooling and the benefits of it
  • How families can embrace the finances needed
  • Managing work-life and homeschool life and how micro-schools can help
  • Is micro-schooling risky? What about transcripts and records?
  • How to go about getting involved in micro-schooling and/or starting one
  • The benefits of micro-schooling for student-athletes
  • Breaking down the cost of micro-schooling
  • Dave’s key takeaways on micro-schooling

Connect With David:

David’s Email: dcbenoit38@gmail.com

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