E17 Why Open Communication is Essential in Supporting Your Students, with Claudia Schwarz, LMFT

Episode Description
We’ve got our first, two-timer back on the show! In this episode, we welcome Claudia Schwarz who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), back to the podcast to chat about how to handle the stresses involved in transitioning back to in-person school, the importance of open, honest communication with your kids, ways we can support teachers during this time, and more!

Tune in to hear more from Claudia and see below for a full list of topics covered.

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Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • How students/parents are handling stress in light of the return to in-person schooling
  • The importance of not being a “helicopter parent”
  • Why some parents are choosing to keep their students at home and how to make the best choice for their own wellbeing and learning
  • Letting your kids make mistakes and showing them how to learn from it
  • The importance of opening the door for honest communication between you and your kids
  • Supporting your family through the anxiety caused by the pandemic and why you should seek support too
  • How we can support our teachers during this time
  • Overcoming the struggles of the transition from Zoom to in-person in regards to socializing, learning, etc.
  • The challenges created for students and teachers when parents refuse for their child to comply with mandates such as masks
  • How to “set the standard” for your kids

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