E10 Why Technology is Essential to Modern Learning with Mariam Purcell

Episode Description
Over the past year, we have seen education go digital in many ways. Mariam Purcell is an Ed Tech and she is here with us on the show today to discuss the many benefits of technology in education and why more teachers and parents should be embracing it. Tune in to learn more and see below for a full list of topics covered.

Key Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Why Mariam left the public education space
  • How recent events with the pandemic changed the online learning and homeschool space
  • The benefits of online learning and how it can help students
  • How we move forward after all the disruption caused by COVID in the education space
  • The importance of teaching kids how to use technology and social media responsibly and in a healthy manner
  • Useful resources and apps for students and parents

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