The Current State of Teaching, with First-Grade Teacher, Kaite Lancaster

Episode Description

In this episode, Sandy & Allison chat with Kaite Lancaster, a former student of theirs who is now a first-grade teacher. We discuss the current state of teaching, as well as how Kaite graduated college at age 20, parental involvement, how to help struggling students, and much more. See below for a complete list of topics covered in this episode and tune in to hear more!
Key Topics Covered in This Episode:
  • Introducing Kaite
  • How Kaite graduated college at 20 years old
  • Chatting about her experience so far as a 1st-grade teacher
  • Why and how Kaite makes her classroom a relaxing environment for her students
  • Her experience as a student teacher during COVID
  • Kaite’s outlook on the current state of education
  • The current environment in today’s schools
  • Parent involvement
  • Did teacher training prepare her to be a teacher?
  • Struggles of teaching students with learning gaps
  • How she helps students with reading and writing struggles
  • Kaite’s long-term career goals
  • ESA programs, school choice, and Title I schools
  • What does Kaite do to fill her own cup?
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