Online School for Elementary Students

ADVANTAGES School International (ASI) offers a complete integrated online curriculum for students in grades K through 5 that aligns quality standards-based online instruction to individual elementary student needs. Our Online School for Elementary Students includes instructional content that is driven through the ADLS Platform, ASSIST, and provides a dynamic interactive platform for personalized learning.

Teaching and learning in an online school for elementary students needs to target the specific needs of each learner. In the traditional classroom, students must often fit the same mold and pace as the rest of the class. This traditional model can cause students to fall behind and can increase frustration, limiting a learner’s ability to achieve their full potential.

Through the personalized learning that students receive in the ASI elementary curriculum, students are able to move at their own individual pace and spend more time on areas of deficiency to work toward mastery in a safe and engaging environment. This approach allows teachers to spend more time teaching to the needs of each student and the opportunity to work on individual learning styles and plans.

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Support for Teaches & Parents

ASI provides highly-qualified teachers to help facilitate your child’s online education. Our teachers work with your child to foster content mastery, as well as work with parents and tutors to extend further facilitation to the home environment. Students are encouraged to meet with teachers virtually to develop a collaborative learning environment that ensures student success.    

Parents play a crucial role in the online elementary learning environment. Our elementary content offers learning coach resources to help parents with the coursework, as well as access to the content and supportive materials to facilitate the home learning. ADVANTAGES strives to provide the best online school for elementary students.

Rich Instructional Content

ASI’s dynamic elementary platform uses multimedia, interactive games, and discussions to help students succeed. The courses are specifically geared toward the child using modalities to spark learning and engagement.  The rich and engaging courses help students by providing a variety of tools to learn the standards-based content. The courses are fully online; however, families are given the option to purchase workbooks that accompany the course to help students who benefit from more hands-on materials.


Online School For Elementary Students

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is an AdvanceED Accredited Program – now Cognia. Also approved as an NCAA, NCA, CASI, NWAC, SACS, CASI, and A-G course provider.