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What is a Micro School?

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“Micro school” or a “School Pod” is a broad term used to describe small neighborhood schools that usually enroll fewer than 10 children. In the age of a pandemic, many parents are taking the micro-school approach into their own hands and creating “pandemic pods”. Think of it as a one-room schoolhouse with a blended learning and private schooling solution.

Steps to Starting a Micro School

  1. Gather a small group of like-minded students/families (they do not need to be in the same grade)
  2. Select your content and your teachers (determine who is responsible for what subject)
  3. Select the location for your schooling
  4. Select a start date
  5. Start educating on your terms

*Reach out to ASI at any time to help you with this process- or to handle it completely. We have been doing this for years!

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