Letter from Head of School

Welcome to ADVANTAGES School International! Over a decade ago a concept to reshape the traditional K-­‐12 landscape was launched into reality with ADVANTAGES School International (ASI) in 2007. Education has been a deep-­‐rooted passion of mine and leaving a legacy of impact has always been my dream. It is with great conviction that I believe we owe this next generation, YOUR generation, the opportunity to break down barriers, cut through the red tape of complications, to provide a personalized approach to education. A school where the student is empowered to learn in the manner that meets his/her learning style. A school where educators provide pillars of support to help the student prepare for their post-­‐secondary choices. ASI has been providing this to thousands of students over the years, proving that it pays to explore outside the traditional box, staying true to our mission statement to provide quality education to students everywhere.

I am confident that students at ASI are working toward successfully completing their academic goals without sacrificing their rigor, sports commitments or personal challenges, to help them lead responsible and balanced lives. At ASI, incorporating technology is at the forefront of everything that we do for our students. The online platform is at the pulse of meeting each student in a personalized setting, where mastery of knowledge empowers each student to feel like they are in control of their academics and their future paths. Whether strengthening concepts that they have struggled with in the past or challenging themselves with an Advanced Placement course that may not be available in their traditional school setting, the ASI student can enroll whenever they wish and work at their pace.

I have seen firsthand how a student equipped with customized academic options will feel empowered to regain their self-­‐confidence, regardless of the hiccups that may have attempted to derail their success in a traditional school setting. If a student earned an F in a course, the student loses confidence, and this can be the beginning of a downward spiral. However, this does not have to define the student’s path. At ASI, this student can retake that course and since our courses are mastery based, the student goes at their own pace to learn the material and therefore not be defined by the same standards as a traditional school. Creating positive solutions for students is at the forefront of every single decision we make at ASI. We incorporate new curriculum, new programs, and new academic paths in order to help every child be successful.

Throughout this past decade, ASI has successfully molded our model to help be solutions for other K-­‐12 needs. We have partnered with sports academies, therapeutic schools, and school districts to help extend our reach and help more students. Eight years ago, when faced with an adult wanting to go back to high school, we started our ASI Adult School. We welcome adult students to continue on their academic track to complete their high school diploma since they do not ever “age out” of our program. Three specific models include tailoring ASI for young athletes since we are NCAA approved, students needing treatment care that requires short term or long-­‐term care and expanding course options to rural communities. Students can enroll with ASI and earn credits toward their high school requirements as a part time or full-­‐time student.

It is a privilege to be an educator and to focus on the joys of lifelong learning and impact change. My generation was raised without the internet and we survived without Siri or Alexa or Google… however, truth be told, now that we have such tools, it is our responsibility to be open and incorporate the benefits of technology to propel our next generation of leaders!

Welcome to ASI!

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Sandy Gamba, Head of School

Sandy Advantages

K-12 Online School
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