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ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions, LLC (Reno, NV) is a fast-growing provider of a fully integrated cloud based learning platform, comprehensive content and a fully accredited virtual school that can be configured to deliver an online or blended learning program in a variety of learning models anywhere on the planet. Connect with us to learn more.

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Personalizing Learning for ALL.

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ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions, LLC is a privately held company that has partnered with K-12 public, private and international virtual and online schools since 2017. Since inception, ADVANTAGES has focused on at-risk, therapeutic intervention through its fully-accredited virtual school – ADVANTAGES School International.

In 2017, a strategic business model was developed to expand the private school efforts with robust technology solutions. The ASSIST Platform along with content management functionality was developed to allow fully integrated online content for greater flexibility to market and deliver comprehensive solutions to multiple program implementations and blended learning models. This three-prong approach with content, platform, and accredited virtual schooling, has allowed ADVANTAGES to expand its business across various market segments and partner with education entities for expanded opportunities. With its robust education platform designed to individualize learning for every student, and a fully accredited school and faculty that can issue High School diplomas in the US and abroad, ADVANTAGES is able to offer a turnkey solution that includes all the components for supporting personalized instruction that leads to a diploma. Additionally, with its agile platform, proven content and accredited private school components, ADVANTAGES also offers certificates of successful completion for programming including STEAM, CTE, ELL, and targeted content support for local domestic or international markets. 

The ASSIST Platform is agnostic, allowing for seamless integration of learning management, curriculum management, student information system, and content hosting and provisioning. The company has a positive net income and zero debt. Through its flexible and fully integrated digital platform, the ASSIST Platform and accredited online school system has been supporting students and educators for more than ten years.