International Schools

ADVANTAGES partners with schools and school suppliers, world-wide, to provide online content solutions that meet in-country needs as well as offer complete US educational programing. Our programs include US high school diploma solutions, International Dual Diploma, elementary and middle school grade level content, English Language Learning, a summer American College Experience, and much more!

Dual Diploma

International students can earn a US High School Diploma without leaving home.

Our International Dual Diploma program is an academic cooperation between ASI and our international partners. By working together, we support their students looking to attend college in the United States by issuing a US College Preparatory Diploma to students who have met our graduation requirements.

International students may transfer 75% of earned credit from their national school into ASI. Students may take remaining US requirements concurrently and online with ASI. Upon completion of their national high school program, students will graduate with two diplomas without leaving their own country.

Advantages College Preparatory Diploma Program is comprised of 20 credit requirements. Typically, a student in our Dual Diploma Program will need to complete 5.5 additional credits to meet US graduation requirements. These are for courses generally NOT offered outside of the United States. (English, US History, US Government)

Additionally, courses that are transferred into our program for credit must be aligned with the ASI coursework. Full course descriptions are needed from our international partnership schools. Out team works closely with your school in making sure graduation requirements are met for each student.

Flex Schools

With our online program, you can supply students with all the content you need to run a fully-accredited primary, middle and high school from your existing location. Our content is completely digital and meets standard grade level requirements, thus enabling you to offer full grade level education, blended learning options and full diploma and college preparatory diploma programs.

English Language Learning (ELL)

We have a full English Language Learning solution. Programing includes initial placement testing and leveled coursework for our English Language Learners. Our ELL program is aligned to the CEFR, TOEFL and IELTS exam correlations. Our varied user interfaces ensure age appropriate activities and work that supports children through adult learners as they gain master of the English language.

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