International Us Diploma

International and Students Abroad Can Earn a U.S. High School Diploma Online

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions partners with schools and school suppliers world-wide providing online content solutions that meet in-country needs in addition to offering complete US educational programing. Our programs include US high school diploma solutions, International Dual Diploma, elementary and middle school grade level content, English Language Learning, a summer American College Experience, and much more!

In-Country Education

International Us Diploma

International students can earn a US High School Diploma without leaving their home country. Recently, ADLS signed a long-term partnership with Santillana, an international education group. Sandra Possas, Managing Director of Richmond Brazil, celebrates the high school solution as a prominent feature of Santillana’s bilingual program, Educate, as it reassures the quality and efficiency that Santillana always pursues: “Enabling our students to obtain a USA High School certification, in addition to their equivalent Brazilian qualification, is an essential feature of our bilingual program. Not only does it enhance students’ experience in using English in an academic context, but it also contributes to their general education and development of life skills and competencies. The partnership with Advantages Digital Learning Solutions in this project assures the quality and efficiency we pursue.” Partnerships such as this ensure students around the world receive the education they need to be successful after high school.

International Dual Diploma

International Us Diploma

Our International Dual Diploma program is an academic cooperation between ASI and our international partners. By working together, we support their students who are looking to attend college in the United States by issuing a US College Preparatory Diploma to students who meet our graduation requirements. International students may transfer up to 75% of the credits they earned from their national school into ASI to meet the diploma requirements. Students take the remaining US requirements concurrently and online with ASI. Upon completion of their national high school program, students will graduate with two diplomas without leaving their own country. Because dual diploma students have studied in their native language as well as in English, they are better prepared for success at the collegiate level.

“The flexibility and quality of the dual diploma program has been instrumental in the success of my students,” states long-time ADLS partner, Roberto Ovalles of Desarrollo en Métodos de Enseñanza in Mexico. “I am confident in their education and preparedness for university studies in the U.S.”

Attending a US high school is on an upward trend. The number of international students who went to the U.S. for high school more than tripled between 2004 and 2016 to nearly 82,000, according to the Institute of International Education. “With online programs such as ours, attending a US based high school is cost-effective and flexible, while maintaining a high level of academic integrity,” claims Eduardo Trindade, Manager of Latin American partnerships. “With our online program, you can supply students with all the content you need to run a fully-accredited primary, middle and high school from your existing location. Our content is completely digital and meets standard grade level requirements, thus enabling you to offer full grade level education, blended learning options and full diploma and college preparatory diploma programs.”

In the past, students had to travel and study abroad for an extended time to have these opportunities. Now, with the help of modern technology, ADVANTAGES can deliver personalized educational programs directly to the student for more cost-effective and efficient solutions that open myriad doors of opportunity. 

International Us Diploma

This blog post was provided by Allison Dampier, President/Founder at ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions.

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