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Fully Accredited online School

ADVANTAGES School International is an Accredited Online School for Grades K-12 that provides education that keeps the individual student at the center of his or her learning. Our program contains embedded scaffolds, instruction and support making our content rigorous, and accessible to all students everywhere, with supported learning at their level of academic readiness. Our course catalog includes comprehensive grade level core courses, honors, advance placement as well as foundation and literacy advantage courses for ESL students and students seeking remediation and/or credit recovery.

Advantages School International is fully accredited and 100% online.

ADVANTAGES School International

Prepare students for success

Advantages School International has been providing quality education to students everywhere for over a decade. Our Students and school partners span the globe and our main offices are located in the USA.

Meet The ASI Team

Accredited Online School for Grades K-12

The teaching staff at ADVANTAGES School International shares in the mission statement of our program. We strive to bring quality education to students everywhere. Our teachers are all highly qualified to teach in their academic area. Most of our staff hold advanced degrees in their discipline and have experience in both online and traditional classroom settings.


Sandy Gamba

Head of Schools

Jen Tynan

Student Success Manager

Jeff Wilson

Middle school & Electives

Jane Montoya

Elementary / Electives

Melissa Jeffers


Mona Vartanian

World Languages


ASI is always looking for dynamic educators with a passion for improving education around the globe. If you feel inspired, please submit your resume and application by clicking on the button on your right.

Getting Started is Simple.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

ASI has a rolling admissions process where we enroll students every Monday. The very first step to start the admissions process is for the student to complete the online application.


Complete Online Application

On the application, students can upload their current transcript and any pertinent student records (if transferring to ASI).


Academic Team Reviews Information

Our Academic Team then evaluates and recommends the appropriate courses to the student and determine what can be transferred into ASI for credit towards graduation.


Register & Begin Courses

Upon registration, student will have immediate access to coursework and an established Learning Plan on their student dashboard.

Our partners say it best.

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Contact ASI

Contact us for information on our programming, school partnerships or for questions about the  student information system, ADVANTAGES – ASSIST Platform.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Tutoring Aids in Student Success

School in 2020 has faced many new challenges including how we teach and learn in a remote environment! As students are adapting to online learning,

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is an AdvanceED Accredited Program – now Cognia. Also approved as an NCAA, NCA, CASI, NWAC, SACS, CASI, and A-G course provider.

sandy assist headshot

Sandy Gamba

Chief Administrative Officer / Founder

Sandy is the Head of School and one of the founders and original designers of ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions. She has more than 14 years of experience in post-secondary education with various universities and has held executive level positions. She has served as Dean of Enrollment Management and traveled internationally for top tier universities. She has legislated for equal access for college opportunities and has been instrumental in increasing financial assistance to students domestically. Sandy has served as a multi-term President of the College Admission Counselors Association and served as a board member of the Hispanic Association of Nevada Educators. She is bilingual and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola Marymount University. She launched the first online MBA program for a medium size university in Colorado and grew that program substantially over the course of two years. Sandy’s primary responsibilities focus on expanding ADVANTAGES’ curriculum choices and empowering communication between academic partners and student records management units. Her innovation and passion towards ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is about making a difference for students by integrating technology into education. Sandy is also the registrar for ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions, LLC online school program – ADVANTAGES School International.

Jen Tynan

Customer Service

Jen Tynan joins ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions as a military spouse of over 20 years with fifteen years of experience in elementary education. Through her family’s numerous moves, Jen juggled the transferring of her own education along with her children’s. Her frequent relocations and personal experiences provide a unique perspective and deep understanding of the nontraditional student and the importance of online learning. Jen has 15 years of classroom experience in teaching grade levels Kindergarten through sixth grade. Her leadership experience includes the implementation and support of multiple military spouse organizations, sitting on the local high school athletic board of trustees as President, and is the Past-President of Marine Aviation Spouses for the greater Washington DC area. Jen brings valuable experience to ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions with her persistence and passion for student advocacy in a non-traditional academic environment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Family Studies from the University of South Carolina. Her position with ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions gives Jen the opportunity to support fellow nontraditional students with a more personal approach to learning.

Jeff Wilson

Middle school & Electives

Jeff Wilson joined ASI from its onset many years ago. He is dedicated to his students all over the globe. Jeff enjoys the outdoors whether it is fishing at his cabin or hunting in the rice fields for ducks. Reading is another passion of his and what can be better than reading a book while fishing on a peaceful lake or hunting in the woods. 

Jeff has 23 years of experience in the classroom teaching students from grades 3-6. He believes that he is still a kid himself and loves his interactions with students of all ages.


Jane Montoya

PE / Health

Jane Montoya is a native of Wisconsin but has lived in California for 30 years and considers both states “home”. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors degree in education. Jane moved to Sacramento to begin her teaching career. Her 24 year career in education has included experience in grades 2 through 5 in both private and public schools. Throughout her career Jane has pursued many professional development opportunities, including earning a reading specialist credential. Reading and promoting literacy are very important to Jane and her greatest reward as a teacher is to see students excited about what they are reading. 

Jane teaches both elementary and secondary students through ASSIST education. She really enjoys making connections with secondary students and helping them as they work through online curriculum. Jane understands that every student in a nontraditional classroom setting has a unique experience, and she is committed to helping those students as they pursue their goals. 

In addition to teaching, Jane enjoys spending time with her husband Joe. Family is very important to them and the activities of their seven Grandchildren keep them busy. When she is not in the classroom, on the computer connecting with students, or in the bleachers cheering on some activity, Jane will probably be snuggled up with a good book.


Lindsey Congalosi


Lindsey Congalosi grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and later attend the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  After graduating, Lindsey moved to New York City to begin her career teaching.  She now lives in New York with her husband, six-year-old daughter, and three large dogs.  

Lindsey has a passion for science and is a self-declared ‘proud science nerd’.  She has over 13 years of classroom teaching experience and has taught many different science classes including earth science, biology, forensic science, and psychology.  

Lindsey has experience with non-traditional students as well.  She is a certified Google educator and has created several online high school and college-level courses in addition to developing science curriculum materials for homeschoolers.  


Melissa Jeffers


Miss Jeffers grew up in Tampa, Florida, and graduated from Liberty University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: International Business. Her educational experience includes teaching Math and Science for a local Private School and at Club Med International Sports Academy, serving as an Assistant Academic Director. Miss Jeffers holds certification from the State of Florida in Math and certification from the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools in Science. Miss Jeffers loves to travel, having been to over 30 countries in North America, Central America, Asia, Africa and Europe.


Katie Chinchar


Ms. Chinchar joined Advantages School International as a stay at home mom and military spouse. She has two years of experience in secondary education in grades 9-12. Katie was active duty Army for four years, deploying to the Middle East for 12 months. After getting out of the military, she pursued a Master’s in Teaching at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington where she calls home. 

Ms. Chinchar moves around all the time which is why ASI is a great fit for her. She is able to meet her students’ needs whenever or wherever she is. Ms. Chinchar also loves that she can stay at home with her toddler and be a teacher. The perfect match! 

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Gonzaga University and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of Washington. Her goal is to help any and all students achieve their goals at their pace. Teaching is her passion and she hopes to make learning a passion of her students.


Mona Vartanian

World Languages

My name is Mona Vartanian. 

Allow me to introduce myself. I have earned two bachelor degrees and received a master’s degree in Education. I have coached disciplines such as Linguistics, Computer Skills, Humanities and Elective courses at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Throughout my experience as an educator in public and private schools, I have noted a trend, in that, each student is unique in his ability to process, understand and retain new concepts. 

I grew up learning three languages and added two others to my skills as an adult. Being a multilingual person, I believe that learning a language opens the door not only to become fluent in the target language but also to understand and embrace other cultures.

In addition, I am a Certified LearningSuccess™ Coach, a Certified Personal Computer Specialist, a Certified Web Designer, a Certified Handwriting Specialist and a Certified Lindamood Bell Reading Program (LIPS).


Kesha Williams


We live in Florida, just 20 minutes from the beach. We enjoy exploring our local restaurants, festivals, and spending time family. I am a graduate of Florida State University with a B.S. degree in Biochemistry. 

I also received an M.Ed. from Georgia State University in Secondary Science Education with Technology and a Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education with a blended concentration in Curriculum Development and Instruction and Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University. 

I’ve been an educator since 2002, and it is my third career after the U.S. Air Force and time on a Research and Development team in the BioTech world. My experiences as an educator include teaching secondary science to graduate-level courses, secondary school-based administration, and district-level administration. 

Although I enjoyed working on a research and development team in biotechnology, my true passion is and has always been teaching. Once I stepped into the classroom, I knew I was home! I love working with students and sharing my love for science. I feel fortunate to be part of the ADVANTAGES team!