ASSIST Instructional Models

ASSIST Education offers the ASSIST Education Management System to brick and mortar school programs and virtual / online learning institutions to serve students seeking independent and advanced instruction.  With a robust and comprehensive approach to serving onsite and online learning systems, the ASSIST platform is a diverse and flexible solution to an array of instructional delivery models. The program is being implemented worldwide in the following delivery methods:

Flex Schools

With ASSIST online programming, education institutions can supply students with all the content needed to run a fully-accredited US high school from any existing location. ASSIST instructional content is completely digital and meets graduation requirements, thus enabling institutions to offer a general education diploma or a college preparatory program. 

Blended Schools

Education programs can complement their face-to-face instruction with ASSIST’s online digital content and offer supplemental activities, assessments, and remediation. The platform accommodates both environments at any level of blended learning.

Virtual Schools

Students can take single courses, full course loads, or their entire high school program through the ASSIST Education online accredited school— Academic partners can take advantage of this feature by offering additional programming to their own students.

Franchise Schools

Academic programs looking to expand or develop schools in multiple locations have an avenue to quickly implement their US academic program by partnering with Advantages School International, which is fully accredited for grades K-12.  This offers a franchise school with both the ASSIST Education Management System, content and a virtual school experience.

School Within a School

Established academic institutions and schools can expand their program offerings where courses or access to teaching staff may be limited due to resources, location or budget. Leveraging the ASSIST platform and the Advantages School International system, schools can broaden their academic programs virtually. Embed CTE programs, Credit Recovery, Summer School, Foreign Languages or even expand into full grade levels outside of your own accreditation.

Full Grade Level in School

ASSIST Education can also expand education programs into grade levels currently not available at a particular school. Advantages School International leverages the ASSIST platform with fully accredited K-12 education system and content that can grow the academic offerings to attract more students and engage current enrollment with more choice.

Ministry of Education / District Level

Through the ASSIST education content, management capabilities and the fully accredited online school – Advantages School International, ASSIST Education can support an organization’s reach. ASSIST allows education systems to seamlessly manage all schools, staff, students and any selected content from a single location. Plus, ASSIST is translated into multiple languages to further support international clients.

“I love being able to personalize our courses and sections to meet the needs of our school. The system supports our rolling enrollment, which gives us the flexibility we need. My goal is for the students to be highly engaged in the learning process, and to remember meaningful work from exploring the courses as part of their journey as lifelong learners. ASSIST is a major contributor to meeting this goal.”
Angie Silverstein
Teacher, USA