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How to Motivate Yourself in Online Classes: 7 Tips to Know

As online classes become more available, many students are making the shift to complete their courses entirely online. Online classes are also an excellent option for working adults pursuing a degree. And while online schooling can be more convenient, many students look for ways to stay motivated in online classes. So how do you motivate yourself in online classes?

Staying motivated can be one of the biggest challenges for online students, but it is essential for staying on track and earning an online degree within your identified timeframe.

Motivate Yourself In Online Classes

The following tips can help you learn how to motivate yourself in online classes.

1. Adopt a growth mindset. There are two types of mindsets, fixed and growth. A growth mindset adapts to change while staying optimistic about the future, whereas a fixed mindset is more closed to new experiences. 

With online courses, a growth mindset can help students adapt more quickly, embrace new challenges, and be open to new experiences through online learning. But unfortunately, adopting a growth mindset doesn’t always come naturally to many individuals. 

However, it can be done by adopting a few strategies, such as emphasizing positive thoughts, focusing on long-term goals, and accepting challenges without fear of failure. Adopting a growth mindset can keep you motivated throughout your online classes and be the key to achieving your educational goals.

2. Hold yourself accountable. Setting goals is crucial when adopting a growth mindset, but it’s only half the equation. You also have to hold yourself accountable for achieving those goals. 

Taking time to periodically assess your progress and identify steps you must take to achieve bigger goals is vital. Then, you can identify choices and options that will move you closer to succeeding in your online education journey.

3. Turn big goals into smaller goals. Making big goals can quickly become overwhelming, especially when it comes to education, which often takes years to achieve. But, if you can break these big goals down into a series of manageable steps, it seems easier. 

Of course, it won’t actually be easier, but it will seem easier. Setting small targets allows you to continue to move forward without giving up or feeling defeated. 

4. Look for positivity. It can be easier to maintain motivation in a physical setting since you develop personal connections. And while it is more challenging to connect with other students when attending online classes, it can be done. 

More importantly, these connections can help you identify positive sources of energy, which can be refreshing and provide you with additional incentives to stay motivated during your classes.

5. Don’t neglect your personal life. Many college students, both in-person and online, start with ambitious goals. For example, they may want to finish school early or juggle schooling with full-time employment. 

There are many reasons an individual could overextend themselves, but if this happens, it will probably end with burnout. Most successful students recognize that completing a degree is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, you must find ways to de-stress and maintain a healthy personal life. This can be a source of relaxation, which can be another way to boost your motivation. 

6. Reward yourself. No matter your age, you’ve likely realized that humans respond to positive and negative reinforcement. So if you struggle with motivation during your online classes, setting up a system to reward yourself when you achieve goals is worth setting up. 

This type of positive reinforcement can often lead to increased productivity and help you complete your work, which is one way to stay motivated. 

7. Expect unforeseen challenges. It’s easy to stay motivated when everything is going as planned. However, many people find their motivation will drain when they encounter unexpected challenges. And many things could go wrong with online classes. 

For example, you could lose your internet connectivity, get sick, or have unforeseen problems in your personal life. But rather than admitting defeat, you must weather the storm. And it is much easier to accept this if you expect a few curve balls. 

Earning a diploma online is no easy task. You need the same credits and classes as you would if you attended physical classes. And for many, how to motivate yourself in online classes is a big challenge. 

However, adopting a growth mindset may help many online students stay engaged while completing each class – and getting closer to accomplishing their educational goals. This change in mindset can transform a student’s entire online experience. And the additional tips can also work to keep one motivated in an online setting, making it easier to finish school!

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