How It Works

Delivery Method

Advantages School International has it’s own Student Information System that is integrated with our curriculum. Students can access their courses from any device, at any time, that has an internet connection simply by logging in. There are no additional books or downloadable components to purchase for our general core or honors courses.

Instructors welcome their students upon enrollment and the student is given his or her log in information at that time. Each student works with their instructor to set end dates for each course and a timeline for completion is established. Instruction is embedded into the curriculum and supported by teachers as needed for the individual student.

Students work at their own pace, and submit completed work to their teachers “drop box” right from the system. Real time progress reporting is available at any time, and parents/ guardians will receive regular progress reporting each week via email.

Completion certificates are sent to students for each course they have completed via email. These pdf certificates may be printed out or shared immediately via social media links that are attached in the email.

When a student completes high school, the official transcripts and Diploma are mailed to the student. Additional transcript requests may be sent for direct mailings to colleges and universities via our online portal.

Online Education

ASI Computer Requirements

Our experience shows that like most web applications, your machine should have:

  •  At least 4GB or RAM.
  •  A recent version of the browser (Chrome is recommended over Firefox. IE is least recommended).
  •  DSL Internet connection or faster.

The browser producers define the minimum hardware requirements.

We have phone support 24 hours a day. Our advisors have had intensive technical training and are able to solve most issues. However, for more technical questions, our technical support desk is open from 7 am to 7 pm PST.

Contact ASI

Contact us for information about our online school, curriculum or our school partnerships.

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