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Our job as an Online Private School is to provide our clients with the best available programs.  But as educators, we also lean on each other to ensure the highest levels of success for each and every student that enters into our programs.  No two students, no two schools, no two partners, are exactly alike.   A deep understanding of the unique program needs and implementation requirements for each of our partner schools is paramount to our support program and our desire to provide personalized learning.  Because of the close-knit nature of our partner program, we have strong relationships with each of them, and honestly this is my favorite part of my job.  Here is an example.

We have a new school partner coming up in Morocco for next school year.  This school plans on incorporating a Flex School model with Blended Learning models, and they are not sure how to do this.  After a few conversations I thought a better way to illustrate this would be to show them exactly how it works.  I felt completely comfortable reaching out to one of our international schools in Mexico to ask if we could visit last month.

Online Private School Partners- Collaboration Between Three Countries

online private school
Our Moroccan visitors in Mexico

Because of the friendship, trust and close working relationship we have with our clients in Mexico, my Moroccan customers were warmly welcomed into their school to view a similar operation in practice.  There was not a single question that went unanswered regarding our online private school. They completely opened their doors, not only to me, but to my new customers.  There was no benefit for them to do this, no financial gain whatsoever. It was simply done because I had asked.  We spent two full days observing the classroom structure, the blended learning environment, and discussed everything from student applications to teacher payroll.  

Upon returning home, it dawns on me how lucky I am. I work in a place that places such high value on quality school programs and on the strong relationships we build with each of our clients around the world.


This week’s blog post was written by Pam Dion, CEO/Founder of ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions.

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