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Emergency Operations Plan 2022

Important — Please Read Carefully

All students have the right to have a safe and supportive learning environment. We started our school with students at the center of our why, allowing access for students anywhere, anytime.

As highlighted in the US Department of Education, ERCM Express Volume 3, Issue 5, 2007 in the Article: Emergency Management in Nontradional School Settings, being 100% online puts Advantages School International in the nontraditional setting. Most of the safety concerns associated with emergency management in traditional schools are irrelevant to virtual schools. However, it is very important to highlight that at Advantages School International, we ensure offsite backups of critical student records, we have an extensive communication process with teachers, parents, mentors, students, and tutors within our school community. Communication is via our secured server within our platform, where we can send texts/emails to outside emails and alert our whole school community if necessary. Our student success managers also phone/zoom/skype the students to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

In the case of emergency events such as natural disasters, accidents, crime, or emerging issues that may target a region, our community within the school reaches out to these students to help provide guidance in pausing their curriculum and help them understand that their mental health comes first. As a virtual school, we have the ability to provide a reset opportunity for the students to put their safety and well-being first.

When students start the program, they have the ability to build a rapport with not only their teachers but also tutors, mentors, and their student success managers. Students can access their message portal via an app, log into their portal, email, or call a toll-free number to communicate an emergency they are experiencing.

Advantages School International has students worldwide, so it is imperative that we are sensitive to the global issues happening that can also impact our students. Schools provide a safe haven, and schools have to prepare to be sensitive to how outside incidents can trigger emotions/reactions for students. At Advantages School International, we can adjust timelines and pacing for all students to help them achieve success at their own level.

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