Customer & Technical Support

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is committed to providing the best support possible for your implementation.  Because each organization has its own unique requirements, our customer and technical staff are here to ensure you have a successful launch and implementation. 

  • ADVANTAGES provides a dedicated customer support team that will be part of your organization’s team. Regularly scheduled meetings and periodic professional development is an integral part of our support plan.
  • The ASSIST Platform provides easy to use online support, including a Resource Library with:
    1. User guides
    2. Training videos
    3. Student and parent welcome overview videos
  • All content in the Resource Library can be shared within specific user groups or shared publicly based on your needs. All content is available at anytime to users, day or night!
  • Finally, we have live support for you and your team 24/7 via our toll free phone system, or you can send us a message and someone will be in contact with you to follow up.
Assist Education Support

Technical & Implementation Guidance

ADVANTAGES instructional courses and the ASSIST School (ADVANTAGES School International), all operate within the ASSIST Education Management System (ASSIST Platform). The ASSIST Platform is a secure web-based application that can be accessed at any time, from any device. To install ASSIST, there is no need to download any components. This means your organization can be up running quickly and easily.

Our support team will work with with you to upload your secure information including school departments, curriculum, staff, and students. Our integrated curriculum, bundled course and certificate programs are also ready for you to use at any time!

We are happy to work with your tech team to integrate additional products or implement single sign on-options, as well as translate the ASSIST platform into any language you prefer.

To ensure the best experience possible, your workstations should include:

  • At least 4GB or RAM
  • A recent version of the browser (Chrome is recommended)
  • A DSL Internet connection or faster
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