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Creating a Clothesline Schedule

Clothesline Schedule

Why are student vacation days so stressful? I feel like I have to entertain my children half the time and stop them from staring at their electronics and turning into zombies! During the pandemic I came up with the idea of a Clothesline Schedule. At one point, I was willing to try anything!

 I gave my children the option to choose three things they desperately wanted to do and three things I needed them to complete. That way we compromised with our day. It felt like we had balance and it gave us both ownership over our day.

So here’s how it works. You need 3 items to get started, index cards (paper), clothespins, and a clothesline (string).  Give your children 3 index cards. On each card they write the activity they  want to do that day. You do the same with your 3 cards. Add details on the back of the card so that your child knows there’s options. For example, if your card says “chores” write 1 or 2 chores that need to be done. Make 3 more cards that say; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You place their scheduled activity on the clothesline (ie: chess class @ 2pm). Then, your child places their 3 cards on the clothesline wherever they see fit. You give them your 3 cards and they add that to the schedule too.

The scheduled cards may look the same day after day but your child may want to adjust where they place it. You can add a sticker on each card once it’s complete or have them in charge of that too. You’ll find that after doing the clothesline schedule a few times your child will independently make their own schedule without having to go to the clothesline. They’ll also understand what a balanced day can look like.

The Clothesline Schedule can be adjusted for any age and rewards for completing their day can be implemented. In turn, we’ll hear the words, “I’m bored” less often.

“Enjoy the process, be present, it’s easier than it sounds, YOU GOT THIS!.”

Carol Alvarez – Educator/Mommy/Human Being

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