RENO, NV, May 23, 2017 — ASSIST LLC launches ASSIST 4.0, an Integrated Education Management System for K-12 and higher education students, teachers and administrators. The modern and SCORM-compliant system was designed by educators from the ground up as a new approach in meeting the needs of education institutions with a single platform. Overcoming the many challenges associated with using a number of different, but necessary school systems, ASSIST 4.0 provides every feature schools need in a fully-integrated system. Teachers and administrators only have to learn one system, in which everything works together perfectly. After successful use in schools in the USA and around the world, the new upgraded ASSIST 4.0 is available now for grades K-12 and higher education in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese and can be adapted for other languages.

ASSIST LLC recognized that with several million K-12 schools worldwide, there is a great need for a fully-integrated, student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system. These components would require at least three different types of systems that were not very compatible, complex to integrate and expensive. With ASSIST 4.0, teachers and administrators can spend their valuable time focusing on student learning and their outcomes, not in navigating between multiple different systems. ASSIST 4.0 makes jobs in education easier by combining SIS, LMS and CMS features in a single integrated system.

Schools that use ASSIST 4.0 save time and thousands of dollars annually. They save money in user licensing fees, hosting costs, training and professional development charges, systems integration and support fees. Having a single system with the same functionality eliminates the frustration of managing multiple systems. As a result, using ASSIST 4.0, leaves schools and their teachers more time to focus on students.

ASSIST 4.0 is the first fully-integrated education management system to provide

K-12 and higher education institutions with an affordable end-to-end school system that manages all aspects of student information, curriculum management and learning management,” said Michael Spencer, ASSIST LLC Chief Executive Officer. “Our system creates a unique opportunity for schools to significantly increase the quality of student learning, efficiently optimizing school management practices and reducing costs.”

ASSIST is easy to use and the tools are very intuitive,” said Debora Vargas, Bilingual Coordinator at Colegio Londrina Ateneu, a partner school in Brazil. “Use of this system has really improved our school’s organization and increased our parental communication.”


ASSIST 4.0’s ease of use encourages more participation of all users, supporting student achievement and school district success. The robust and functional single platform streamlines a student information system with learning management and curriculum management systems.

Student Data Management streamlines the admissions process, streamlines scheduling to track school wide activities and dates, simplifies and centralizes payments and accounting and provides hassle free and automatic official records and transcripts. A parent portal gives parents access to essential information about their children, a secure communication system organizes all messages in a single location, and all the essential tools for school accreditation support are right there. Administrators can assign staff privileges depending on roles with systematic user levels, take advantage of a flexible and functional district level option, and serve a diverse community with user language preference and translation.

Student Learning Management delivers and streamlines many functions: Individualized learning plans, course completion certificates, resource sharing and collaboration, self-paced study, record keeping, clear graduation road maps, enrollment management, and comprehensive grade-level content. Digital content from multiple content providers can be easily and fully integrated.

Curriculum Management provides seamless curriculum hosting and single sign on and curriculum integration capabilities. Course, section and grade book management is included. Administrative reporting features can compile information from all student data. Established integrated content is included. Everything is accessible anytime from any device. A highly secure single environment is ensured.


ASSIST 4.0 is available now from ASSIST LLC in the USA and internationally through education resellers. ASSIST 4.0 works on any computer or device with Internet access. As ASSIST LLC grows and expands its presence, the company welcomes establishing strategic partnerships with domestic and international resellers. Interested resellers can email ASSIST at For information about ASSIST 4.0, educators can visit or call ASSIST LLC at 866-984-3384.


ASSIST LLC has developed a cloud-based, fully-integrated education management system. Founded by a team of experienced education professionals, ASSIST combines all aspects of a student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system, simplifying school-wide management and allowing for schools to focus on student learning and outcomes.

Since 2013, ASSIST has streamlined education management for schools around the globe. The company’s mission is to share this cost-effective, comprehensive solution making a significant difference for education worldwide.

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