Creating a Clothesline Schedule

Why are student vacation days so stressful? I feel like I have to entertain my children half the time and stop them from staring at ...
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Bullying—Speak Up

October was bullying prevention month. In the past decade around the world, we have experienced more bullying and acts of hate. In response to this, ...
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Dual Diploma Program

ADVANTAGES Partners with Richmond Solution to Provide Dual Diploma Program

ADVANTAGES Partners with Richmond Solution to Provide Dual Diploma Program Learn more about Richmond Solution.
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New Beginnings….

The 2021-2022 school year is well underway, and it is being met with mixed emotions. Anxiety, excitement, stress, fear, joy, worry – and this is ...
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One Word: Mindset

A simple premise that can significantly shape our lives can be narrowed down to one word: mindset. Mindset influences how you think, feel and behave ...
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A New Era of Playing Sports in College

Endorsements, compensations, sponsorships, social media. This summer, NCAA began allowing students athletes to profit off their own personas. This has not been done before. It ...
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4 Ways to Advocate for Mental Health

According to the latest data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, around 1 in 5 US adults — or 51.5 million people — are affected ...
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Six Minutes

Just Six Minutes of Reading Makes All the Difference. Being a product of the 80s, when I hear six minutes, I immediately begin reciting the ...
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Back to School for Fall

Wrapping Up Summer and Heading Back to School for Fall 2021

One thing is certain regardless of the zip code in which we reside: There is uncertainty on what to expect as we countdown the days ...
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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open, citing mental health issues. Michael Phelps is on billboards as a spokesperson for the online therapy program Talkspace. ...
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