CTE Courses Online — Career Tech Education Program

Career and Technical Certificate options with CTE Courses Online designed to supplement your existing school programs.

ADVANTAGES School International (ASI), provides CTE Courses Online and programs that are award winning and fully accredited by AdvancED. ASI has had thousands of graduates from around the world take advantage of our virtual online programs. Many of ASI’s most successful graduates are from around the world including United States, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

ADVANTAGES certificate pathways connect state, industry, and national standards with real-world skills to prepare students for success in their careers and further education. Official transcripts and certificates are issued from our accredited school upon successful completion of the online program.

ASI’s catalog prioritizes offering complete programs of study in high pay, high demand career clusters. Carefully designed sequences of introductory, intermediate, and capstone-level courses ensure students graduate ready for a job, certification, or technical school. Built to state, industry, and national standards, ADVANTAGES Certificate Courses provide students with the knowledge and skills required for career readiness.

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Provide a Student-Centered Learning Experience with CTE Courses Online!

Learn by Doing—Each lesson includes multiple opportunities for students to build knowledge through inquiry, creation, connection, observation, and confirmation. This active learning approach develops critical thinking skills and prepares students for success in the workforce.

Individualized Support—As students move through the CTE courses online, they benefit from continual feedback, opt-in supports, and scaffolds embedded in the courses. Schools may offer courses as a whole class instruction or as asynchronous learning.

Cte Courses Online

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is an AdvanceED Accredited Program – now Cognia. Also approved as an NCAA, NCA, CASI, NWAC, SACS, CASI, and A-G course provider.