The ASSIST Platform Features

The ASSIST Education Management System is not tied to one curriculum approach, provider, or model. The ASSIST platform allows for the utilization and seamless integration of the most popular open education resources on the market. The ASSIST curriculum platform allows for complete differentiation and customization to allow districts and education institutions to curate and/or develop the best of breed learning content, assessment strategy, and remediation tools available in the marketplace. 

ASSIST Education Management System saves administrators and teachers valuable time by providing a single point of entry for all necessary administrative and teaching tools. In addition, it provides parents with access to their student’s academic information and gives students the opportunity to take control of their own education with easy-to-find access to grades, content, academic resources, and more.  The ASSIST web-based system also allows users to navigate the platform in a variety of languages providing non-English speaking parents and international school administration the ability to work in their own native languages.



The administrator dashboard has access to all elements of the ASSIST education management system. Administrators have all-view and edit access to calendars, messages, and all sections and resources. They have access to teacher and student data and can upload sections and enroll students into courses. Additional views and functions include scheduling, calendars, grades, Individual Learning Plans, progress reports, student transcripts, teacher credentials and qualifications and availability. Administrators can view course selections and instructor assignments.

Reports and student progress can be viewed by administrators on grades, attendance, courses, and departments with parameter-based filtering and search capabilities. Administrators can view all digital content and share with educators within their system. Further, the ASSIST platform allows for messaging using an internal secure messaging system. 

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 The teacher dashboard provides access to course sections and students, gradebook and attendance portals, shared and individual teacher calendars, and communications (online and offline) for students and parents. In addition, teachers can upload content to the resources page for staff or students and access their own student data for progress monitoring.

The teacher dashboard also provides an at-a-glance view of their class schedule with access to weekly class sections and online course sections to manage students and courses. 

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 Parents can keep up with their student/s educational activity through the ASSIST platform. Here they can access their student’s grades and schedules, view the activity calendar, receive messages and access resources that have been shared with them.



Students can take charge of their own educational experience through the ASSIST portal. They can access their classes, schedule, Individualized Learning Plan, view unofficial transcripts, and access any resources or communications that have been shared with them.