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ASSIST for Teachers

ASSIST’s Teacher Capabilities and Features

The teacher dashboard provides access to course sections and students, grade book and attendance portals, shared and individual teacher calendars, and communications (online and offline) for students and parents. In addition, teachers can upload content to the resources page for staff or students and access their own student data for progress monitoring.

The teacher dashboard also provides an at-a-glance view of their class schedule with access to weekly class sections and online course sections to manage students and courses.


Teachers can use the resource library to easily collaborate with staff, students and parents. Use ASSIST to broadcast, track and share web links, documents, and video for professional development, course collaboration, and content enhancement.

All data saved on ASSIST is stored on the cloud, making it accessible anywhere. Teachers can enter grades, manage their splash page, and upload assignments from any device.

From ASSIST, teachers can print or quickly email progress reports directly to students and parents at any time.

ASSIST supports the traditional classroom curriculum as well as online curriculum. Teachers may add and distribute digital content to build a 21st century classroom that support a true blended learning program.

Communicate, collaborate and share right from ASSIST. Teachers, administration and students can participate in online classroom activities, have threaded discussions, add and distribute content, participate in clubs, organizations, and competitions all online via the ASSIST Resource Tab.

Teachers and administrators can add to the ASSIST Calendar and attach files such as section study guides, permission slips and parent information, right in the calendar. Only those users that are specific to calendar entries will see pertinent information to them. For example, a teacher may send a calendar notification to a course section to tell the class about an upcoming quiz with a study guide attachment.

Enable your phone to notify you of new communications, an upcoming activity, when a new student is enrolling or when a new resources or staff development is posted. Alerts can be text or email and the user can select what information they want to receive remotely.

All email sent via ASSIST is saved and is searchable by student. Users are also able to manually enter phone calls and in-person meetings into the communication log.

Teachers can use the ASSIST GradeBook, which is customizable and can be weighted as the individual teacher desires. When final grades are submitted, those grades are automatically sent to the student transcripts.

Track student attendance and attendance history right in ASSIST. Student photos in the Attendance Keeper makes taking roll easy for substitute teachers too!

Team building and teacher collaboration is supported on the Resource Library in ASSIST. Administration and teaching staff can add documents, share, and require participation from specific users via invitation. By making resources and documents “Mandatory”, the originator can see exactly when and what time documents were viewed and by whom.

All communication is secure and trackable within ASSIST’s internal messaging system. Additional communication entries may be added to track in-person meetings, phone calls, or emails that have sent.

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