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ASSIST’s Administrator Capabilities and Features

The administrator dashboard has access to all ASSIST education management system elements. Administrators have all-view and edit access to calendars, messages, and all sections and resources. They have access to teacher and student data and can upload sections and enroll students into courses. Additional views and functions include scheduling, calendars, grades, Individual Learning Plans, progress reports, student transcripts, teacher credentials and qualifications, and availability. Administrators can view course selections and instructor assignments.

Reports and student progress can be viewed by administrators on grades, attendance, courses, and departments with parameter-based filtering and search capabilities. Administrators can view all digital content and share it with educators within their system. Further, ASSIST allows for messaging using an internal secure messaging system.


A customizable submission and acceptance process makes student application and enrollment pain-free.

Transcripts and medical records like IEP, medical, and behavior interventions are stored in one place for easy access.

Reporting capabilities provide tools for school and district-wide management and compile data in one place for teachers and administrators. Reporting features also support school accreditation requirements.

Set students up on a path for success with specialized learning plans for each student’s individual needs.

Automated issuance of personalized completion certificates for students to simplify end-of-course course administration and celebrate student success.

ASSIST is your one-stop shop to manage staff records, course enrollments and professional development to ensure all data is readily accessible and in one place.

ASSIST can generate your “official” transcripts one at a time or in batch processing. Transcripts can be emailed, printed or sent to our affiliate, Parchment, for processing and delivery. Students and parents can access “Unofficial” transcripts at any time. Transcripts can show work In Progress and Program Satisfaction if selected.

School administrators can upload students as an individual, as a batch upload or as a large student onboarding. Our technical team is here to support you in this process.

For school program with multiple campuses, teachers and other staff can have a single account across each location. Administrators have a broad view of what is happening at each school and full access to each campus in their individual account.

Utilize ASSIST to set up invoicing systems to accommodate monthly, semester, or yearly payments and to set up payment portals (such as Paypal) for ease of payment.

Simplify scheduling for administrators and staff with a district wide calendar that syncs to Google Calendar.

Utilize notifications for everything from new enrollments and assignments to communications and resources to guarantee communication to all the right constituents.

Create and manage departments, courses and school schedules that work for your school(s). Utilize Academic tracks and Learning Plans to increase student success and graduation rates.

Host online curriculum and content on our LMS and manage course and section creation with Single Sign-On to simplify daily administrative tasks.
ASSIST user credentials for all staff and teachers allows for additional security and accessibility for each user

Upload and manage digital content with full integration or Single Sign-On options. ASSIST is SCORM compliant.

ASSIST supports the traditional classroom curriculum as well as online curriculum. Upload digital coursework with your teachers to incorporate a blended learning environment. Additionally, students may work outside of the classroom to take courses not offered on campus or to complete credit recovery independently.

Use our Resource Application to issue, manage and control professional development materials. Decide who sees documents via “share” and determine suggested or mandatory responses from team members.

Administrators have access to a wide variety of reporting features and data management tools to effectively oversee staff, student, and school-wide planning.

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