ASSIST Platform 5.0 Enhancement Release

A complete UI/UX Redesign to support Blended, In Person and Online Teaching & Learning

Our goal at ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is to provide the best solutions to our partners. In a constant effort to provide quality teaching and learning experiences, we have refreshed the ASSIST Student, Parent, and Teacher Portals to meet the needs of the ever-changing and dynamic learning era we are in. Access our beautifully redesigned portal offering a more robust and engaging platform.

  • ASSIST CHAT — quick communication between students and staff, students and students, and students and classes  
  • ENHANCED STUDENT PAGE — student support with educational needs including transcripts, letters of recommendation, edit profile, and more from one page within their portal
  • ASSIST CLASS PAGE — from teacher office hours to course descriptions, the students can find all specific course documents, communication, and progress in one spot so they can easily stay on track
  • LEARNING PATHS — customizable for your school, this feature allows students and parents to see how close they are to diploma or course completion based on their individual academic goals
  • LIVE VIRTUAL SESSIONS — virtual class time will be alerted on the student home page with a link to join the virtual classroom
  • REAL-TIME PROGRESS — students and parents can view course progress captured in real-time to provide accurate progress tracking
  • SIDE-BY-SIDE MOBILE APPLICATION — users now have access to a mobile application for all tablets and smartphones with similar features as the desktop providing versatile learning modalities
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