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ADVANTAGES School International

We are a fully accredited online school (grades k-12) offering a comprehensive program for each grade level, with highly qualified teachers and licensed experts in their fields.

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Why Choose ASI?

Student Centric

Student Centric

Students work in a self-paced environment and at an academic level that is best suited for them.

Flexible Programs For Students

Flexible Programming

Students can start and complete coursework at any time of the year.

Affordable Online School


ASI is a complete program that is much more affordable than other providers.

Convenient Online School


Students can access coursework anytime, anywhere. Internet connection is all that is required.

Dynamic School Curriculum

Dynamic Curriculum

Multiple modalities for learning, interactive curriculum.

World Class Support For Students And Parents

World Class Support

Whether you are a student or a school partnership, you have a dedicated “live” team to ensure you get everything you need.

Programs We Offer

Online Learning Management Platform

Accredited Online Private School For Grades K-12

Advantages School International has met the highest standards of excellence as a recognized, fully accredited online school for grades K-12. Our continuous self-study and external evaluation from the accreditation bureau ensures that we meet ever-improving accreditation guidelines, offering our students the best education.

Online Credit Recovery & Credit By Exam Programs

ADVANTAGES‘ Online Credit Recovery courses support programs that keep students who have not earned the required course credits on track for graduation.

Students taking courses for credit recovery use the same rigorous, standards-based courses as students engaged in courses for original credit, ensuring that all students are mastering the skills and concepts necessary for their future success. The courses most often needed for credit recovery include pretests that generate individualized learning plans designed to help students recover credits more efficiently and at an accelerated pace.

Our Credit By Exam program enables students to receive credits for high school courses in which they demonstrate mastery of course content by taking the course exam(s).

Online Learning Management Platform
Online Learning Management Platform

Career & Technical Education

We are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging the industry’s only fully integrated management s ystem that allows K-12 and adult education institutions to offer and deliver multiple accredited programs in various blended learning modalities at a fraction of the cost of the traditionally implemented programs.

ADVANTAGES provides Career Tech Education (CTE Online Courses) that are seamlessly accessible through our cloud-based ASSIST Platform.

College Placement Test Prep

Developed specifically for the ACT®, SAT®, GED®, ACCUPLACER®, and TSI Assessment exams personalized for each student’s academic needs and learning style, ADVANTAGES Test Prep Tutorials target concepts covered by college readiness exams with instruction aligned to each test.

Online Learning Management Platform
Online Learning Management Platform

Advanced Placement Course

We provide K-12 educational institutions with a comprehensive collection of Advanced Placement online courses seamlessly accessible through our cloud-based ASSIST Platform.

Dual Credit Program

Our Dual Credit Program allows current high school students to take college classes while earning their high school diploma.

High school students can take college classes to feel a sense of individual accomplishment, earn dual credit, get a head start on college, or any combination of these benefits. For example, through our dual-credit program, students earn credit that goes toward their high school requirements; and at the same time, they also earn college credit.

Online Learning Management Platform

Meet The ASI School Personnel

Our teaching staff shares in ASI’s mission statement. We strive to bring quality education to students everywhere. Our teachers are all highly qualified to teach in their academic areas. Most of our staff hold advanced degrees in their discipline and have experience in both online and traditional classroom settings.

Asi Team

Sandy Gamba

Chief Academic Officer / Founder

Asi Team

Clay Reindl

Tutor Coordinator

Asi Team

Katie Chinchar

English / Teacher Mentor

Asi Team

Jen Tynan

Senior Success Manager Assistant Registrar

Asi Team

Jane Montoya

Elementary / Electives

Success Manager, Sara Kenning

Sara Kenning

Success Manager

Asi Team

Laura Pascal

Social Studies

Asi Team

Carrie Kagan

Success Manager- International

Asi Team

Lindsey Congalosi


Asi Team

Tara White

Success Manager / Tutor Manager

Asi Team

Melissa Jeffers


Asi Team

Kristi Lehan

Student Success Manager Admissions & Records Support

Asi Team

Mona Vartanian

World Languages

Asi Team

Cate Peterson

Science/Chemistry & Physics

Asi Team

Vanessa Oland

English Teacher

Photo Of Suzanne Kaplan-Fonseca

Suzanne Kaplan-Fonseca

Success Manager- International

How ASI Works

Students work in a self-paced environment and at an academic level best suited for them, including starting and completing coursework at any time of the year.

We maintain two academic tracks for high school graduation. Our General Education track is for students looking to earn a high school diploma before entering the workforce or military. Our College Preparatory track is for students needing a more rigorous study program in preparation for post-secondary education.

ASI leverages the ASSIST Platform and the ADVANTAGES instructional programming and curriculum, including multiple learning modalities and interactive activities. In addition, ASI offers an International Dual Diploma, CTE Certificate Programs, English Language Arts for English Language Learners, School Partnerships, NCAA Student Programs, and much more!

Real-time progress reporting is available at any time, and parents/ guardians will receive regular progress reporting each week via email.

Completion certificates are sent to students for each course they have completed via email. These pdf certificates may be printed out or shared immediately via social media links attached to the email.

When a student completes high school, the official transcripts and Diploma are mailed to your student. Additional transcript requests may be sent for direct mailings to colleges and universities via our online portal.

Start Your Educational Journey with ADVANTAGES Today

Our world-class virtual academic program is available to students everywhere. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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