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Don’t agree with traditional school curriculums? Make the change. Switch to ADVANTAGES School International’s (ASI) K-12 online private school to take the reins on your child’s education as soon as today. With a 95% completion rate, it’s clear to see why ASI is #1.

Go gimmicks. Just friendly advice.

Affordable Private K-12 Education

World Class Tutoring Options

Career & Technical Education Programs

Grades 6-12 Credit Recovery

Advanced Placement Courses

NCAA Student Programs


Fed Up With The State Of The Public School System?

Earn Your High School Diploma Online!

Contrary to what many parents believe, your options go beyond public school, costly private schools, and homeschooling. Thanks to the State of Arizona’s new Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program, the State will now fund your child’s education from home – without you needing to take on the demanding role of teacher.

What are the first steps?

Create an account for your student using CLASSWALLET
Select which of the FOUR options works best for you and your family:


SHOP right from the MARKETPLACE. All purchases will be deducted straight from your student’s account.

Pay Vendor

PAY for school services with the PAY VENDOR option. Parents will upload invoices from pre-approved vendors, then send money using this portal.



REQUEST reimbursement for school, materials, and tutors to send payment for non-listed vendors on the list.

Request Card

REQUEST a card (like a debit card) with funds and pay for the services without submitting extra paperwork or waiting for reimbursements.

Why ASI For The Arizona ESA Program?

…A better question would be, why not? Since 2007, ASI has been a leading K-12 online private school, offering quality education for families who want more than the traditional public system can provide. Here’s why Arizona parents admit that switching to ASI was one of the best choices they’ve ever made for their children:

Homeschooling (Without Home Schooling!)

Not every parent is in a position to homeschool their children full-time. ASI is the perfect middle-ground, letting you take control of your child’s education from home without needing to serve as their full-time teacher.

Fully Funded K-12 Education

Did you know that the Government will cover your child’s ASI tuition? It’s true. Arizona recently created the ESA Program to allow students to learn beyond the confines of the traditional public system. And this funding goes beyond private school tuition alone. From tutoring to educational therapies, it’s all covered for your peace of mind.

Quality, Affordable Private K-12 Education

ASI cuts costs, not corners, to bring quality private education to more Arizona families. With ASI, your child can earn a high school diploma online through our General Education curriculum (to enter the workforce or military) or our College Prep curriculum as a foundation for more rigorous post-secondary education.

Accredited K-12 Online School

ASI is a fully accredited K-12 online school. We offer comprehensive programs for every grade and child, guided by qualified, passionate teachers who are licensed experts in their field. Multiple modalities ensure an interactive, step-by-step curriculum with a S.T.E.M focus that makes learning fun while preparing students for a world that doesn’t even exist yet!

Learn and grow with award-winning support and an education personalized for you.


Students and


Online Courses





Need More Reasons to Switch to ASI?

Arizona parents are switching their children to ASI for a host of reasons. Here are a few more…


Your child can’t be placed in a one-size-fits-all box! Each child is unique, and the traditional public schooling system doesn’t suit everyone. If you believe your child will thrive beyond the four walls of the classroom, then we’ll welcome them into our self-paced environment with open arms.

Flexible Programming

Students can start, pause, pick up, and finish coursework at any time of the year. And as long as they have an internet-connected device, they can study from anywhere in the world at our online school for grades K to 12. No books. No paper trail. No excuses!

World-Class Support

Connect to our online K12 education support team to chat live anytime.

Real-Time Progress Reporting

Receive weekly emails covering your child’s progress at our accredited K-12 online school.

Some of Our Programs

Online Private K-12

As a fully accredited and recognized online school for grades K to 12, we meet the highest standards of excellence on a State, national, and international level.

Credit Recovery Program

Equip your teen with the crucial life skills and financial wisdom they need to thrive as adults in the real world.

College Placement Test Prep

Give your child a leg up as they prepare for their college readiness exams – including ACT®, SAT®, GED®, ACCUPLACER®, and TSI.

Career Tech Education

Scalable implementation with single sign-on access.

Advanced Placement

Access an array of advanced online placement courses through our cloud-based ASSIST Platform.

Dual Credit Program

Ease your child into college life by letting them experience tertiary classes while still in high school.

Meet The ASI Team

Our teaching staff shares in ASI’s mission statement. We strive to bring quality education to students everywhere. Our teachers are all highly qualified to teach in their academic areas. Most of our staff hold advanced degrees in their discipline and have experience in both online and traditional classroom settings.


Sandy Gamba

Head of School / CAO


Jen Tynan

Senior Success Manager Assistant Registrar


Rebekah Huggins

Implementation and Training


Carrie Kagan

Success Manager- International


Tara White

Success Manager / Tutor Manager


Kristi Lehan

Student Success Manager Admissions & Records Support


Clay Reindl

Tutor Coordinator


Katie Chinchar

English / Teacher Mentor


Jane Montoya

Elementary / Electives


Laura Pascal

Social Studies


Lindsey Congalosi



Melissa Jeffers



Mona Vartanian

World Languages


Cate Peterson

Science/Chemistry & Physics


Vanessa Oland

English Teacher


Suzanne Kaplan-Fonseca

Success Manager- International

Make the Switch Today…

Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential Tomorrow!

With world-class online K-12 education available and accessible to students everywhere, what are you waiting for? Apply today to take back control of your child’s education – once and for all.

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