ADVANTAGES Implementations

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions offers flexible implementation models for an individual learner’s instructional need or one that addresses a district’s unique online programmatic focus. Learners can follow a general education and college preparatory diploma track as part of their instructional pathway through the online education courses. The course structure and content supports learners that are seeking a 4-year institution or college/ university path after high school or for students looking to enter the workforce or military upon graduation. Learn about the ADVANTAGES Implementation Models that support self-paced study and are 100% online. 

With the ASSIST Platform, online courses and ADVANTAGES’ fully-accredited US high school, educators and individuals can supply students with all the content required to run an online program right from your own existing location. The ADVANTAGES curriculum is completely digital and meets graduation requirements, thus enabling educators the ability to support or offer a general education diploma or a college preparatory program.

Learn how you can engage your educators and students in a variety of flexible program models that support your implementation needs. View our list of  program implementations.

Implement a model that's right for you.

US High School Diploma

Self-paced, 100% online programming that follows a general or college preparatory track with official transcripts and diploma upon graduation.

Dual Credit Program

The dual-credit program allows students to take courses to earn credit towards their high school requirements and earn college credits.

English Language Learning

English Language Learning includes an initial proficiency test and courseware to help guide learners to language acquisition and academic knowledge.

Dual Diploma Program

Dual Diploma program allows students to work toward an US high school diploma in conjunction with their regular studies at the in-country school with additional courses completed online.

Credit Recovery Program

Prescriptive courses for credit recovery follow the same rigorous, standards-based courses as students engaged in courses for original credit, ensuring that all students are mastering the skills and concepts.

Career Tech Ed Program

CTE/Certificate pathways connect state, industry, and national standards with real-world skills to prepare students for success in their careers and further education.

College Readiness Program

College readiness preparation for the ACT®, SAT®, GED®, ACCUPLACER® and TSI Assessment exams personalized for each student’s academic needs and learning style.

American University Pathway

Fully accredited online school and pathways for grades K-12 with the opportunity to earn a High School diploma that guarantees acceptances to current college and university partnerships.


Bundled courses for CTE certification in STEM or STEAM are available among other CTE programs. Certificates are awarded upon completion.

FLEX School Program

FLEX School model works with ASI school partnerships looking to offer accredited solutions not currently available within an existing program.