Accredited Online School for Grades K-12

Accreditation is what ensures the acceptance of ASI transcripts and course credit from our students applying to colleges and universities worldwide. As a recognized, fully accredited online school for grades K-12, Advantages School International has met the highest standards of excellence. Our continuous self study and outside evaluation from the accreditation bureau ensures that we continuously meet ever-improving accreditation guidelines, offering our students the very best education available.

ADVANTAGES School International is fully accredited school with Cognia, formerly know as AdvancEd. The largest internationally recognized accreditation bureau in the world.

NCAA Approved

Additionally, most of ADVANTAGES School International courses are on the approved NCAA list. View the list of approved NCAA courses. (CEEB/ACT Code – 290079) Meaning that our student athletes can confidently submit their transcripts from ASI and meet eligibility requirements to play sports in a post-secondary institution.

UC A-G Course List Approved

ADVANTAGES School International courses are also on the University of California A-G Approved Course Listing. View the complete list of approved ASI Courses.


Advantages School International offers a comprehensive curriculum catalog. Students can enroll in our high school graduate program, or simply take supplemental coursework to fortify their transcripts or earn credit recovery.

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