Partial List of College Acceptances

 ADVANTAGES School International is a  U.S. Diploma-granting School. Our graduates have been accepted into highly selective colleges and universities across North America.  Our school is fully accredited with AdvancEd and our coursework is approved by the NCAA and the University of California system’s a-g list.


Below is a partial list of colleges where our graduates have been accepted.

Air Force Academy 

Azusa Pacific University

 Central Lakes Chicago

 Chapman University

 East Carolina Greensboro

 Easter Washington University

 Florida Atlantic University

 Furman University

 LaVerne University

 Marymount University

Northeastern University

 Northern Arizona University

 Northwestern University

 Rice University

 Rider University

 Rutgers University

 St. John’s University

 St. Petersburg University

 Syracuse University

 Texas A & M University

University of British Columbia

 University of California, Berkeley

 University of California, Davis

 University of California, Los Angeles

 University of Chicago

 University of Colorado, Boulder

 University of Colorado, Denver

 University of Denver

 University of Massachusetts

 University of Mississippi

 University of Nevada, Las Vegas

 University of Nevada, Reno

 University of North Carolina

 University of Montana

 University of Oregon

 University of San Diego

 University of Tennessee

 University of Utah

 University of Vermont

 University of Washington

 University of Wisconsin

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